Riyadh city is where urban life and cultural heritage combine, offering the experience of modern life with traditional authenticity. The Capital of Saudi Arabia, it is the centre of business, shopping, culture and entertainment with around the year events and festivals. Riyadh is a vibrant city with an endless number activities to do and places to visit.

Tourism & Attraction

The National Museum in Riyadh:
The most famous museum in KSA gives you the ultimate experience in learning more about Saudi history and the culture of Arabia. This two-storey building is located in the middle of King Abdul-Aziz Historical Centre. It contains 8 galleries categorized by topic in order to provide you with a better understanding of the past and the present of Saudi Arabia.

Musmak Fort of Riyadh:
Al Musmak castle, located in the city centre, holds a large collection of artefacts signifying the early days in the development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Additionally, it is recognized for its mosque and grand palace gate.

Al Zall Market:
The oldest market in Riyadh is known for its unique, vintage atmosphere where it offers you traditional Saudi merchandise. The bazaar is filled with all kinds of goods such as “mashaleh”, carpets, antiques and artefacts, silverware, copperplate, clothes, ancient armour, guns and swords, Arabian fragrances, and many other traditional items. Souq al Zall is your destination for experiencing the old city of Riyadh away from skyscrapers and busy malls.

Riyadh’s Mega Malls:
Riyadh is well known for its shopping hubs and the accessibility it offers to many international leading brands. Every district in Riyadh contains at least one mega mall making Riyadh a prime destination for shoppers. In Al Olaya District, Kingdom Tower Mall and Al Faisaliah Mall, two of Riyadh’s landmarks, are commercial skyscrapers with the finest brands. Luxury product seekers can find what they’re looking for in the one of the most luxurious malls within Riyadh, Centria mall in which most of the top-notch of international restaurants are found. Panorama mall is also a hotspot for many families within the city, especially on weekends. In addition to the many shopping outlets, a yearly festival, otherwise known as Riyadh Festival for Shopping and Entertainment, is organized by the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry and offers specials offers and discounts.

Safari & Outdoor Activities:

Riyadh’s beautiful sand dunes and green valleys make the perfect mix for nature lovers. Thumamah Dessert, where valleys and mountain slopes are located, gives a chance for a list of activities such as horse and buggy riding, picnicking, camping, skydiving, paragliding and much more. Only 30 mins away from city centre, Dirab Dessert is filled with resorts that provide a variety of activities.
Nature beauty seekers can find a combination of running water and rocks a perfect getaway from the city’s busy life at Wadi Hanifa.

Riyadh Zoo is one of the largest zoos in KSA, filled with varieties of animals from all continents. There are different seating areas and a wide range of shops where families can enjoy leisure activities for kids and adults.

Festivals & Major Events:

As the Capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh holds major annual festivals. Al Janadriyah Festival - The National Festival for Heritage and Culture - is one of the major events in Riyadh that aims to create a connection between the past and the present of KSA. The national occasion activities present inherited handicrafts, folklore, traditional dishes, and traditions of each province. Competitions, forums, poetry and storytelling, plays, and book exhibition are an important part of the festival.

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