Rotana adds real value to the underlying assets of every property under its management –but not simply through the deployment of our technical, commercial and staffing infrastructure.

Fundamental to the success of any hotel is the space its clients and staff inhabit. We bring the full weight of our design-planning and building management skills to the management mix, ensuring our guests receive the greatest enjoyment from the facilities offered, and the most effective use of those spaces from both a revenue and a health and safety perspective.

Fundamental to the launch of each new Rotana property is a concept-planning exercise that measures space requirements, prescribes food, beverage and guest facility-needs – right at the outset of build or refurbishment.

This analysis is turned into establishing guidelines for architects and interior designers. They represent the beginnings of a set of operational standards that – shared from the outset – allow quick adoption by a property’s operational departments.

The progressive evolution of a property’s core values must last the lifetime of any given space or facility. And that process is directed by proprietary Rotana building and room management systems that are dictated not just by two decades of experience or the number of Rotana hotels in operations, but by an individual property’s needs.

Indeed our team continuously researches emerging trends in interior design, building materials or sustainable developments.

The latest generation of Rotana rooms is a perfect example of this holistic approach. Sophisticated, interactive, personalized spaces and facilities produce maximized revenue for brand and owner, while being more friendly to the environment.

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